ADJ Pixie Strip (Kling-Net)

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ADJ Pixie Strip (Kling-Net)

Post by bell-ebc »

I am wondering if there is any way to connect the ADJ Pixie Strips with Kling Net to Resolume. I know I have the alternative to use Art-Net but with the ADJ Pixie driver I get much better use with Kling Net (8- Pixie Strip 120) vs Art-Net (2- Pixie Strip 120) per driver.

I have seen some boxes that I could do DMX out of Resolume to a DMX to Kling Net box then to the Pixie Driver, but that seems like a very sketchy way to do it. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these pixel mapping lights or any thoughts on how to cut down on the confusion.

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Re: ADJ Pixie Strip (Kling-Net)

Post by Zoltán »

I've read the manual of the pixel driver, and they never explain why they limit the pixel count in Art-net and Sacn modes. They say the driver can output 1020 pixels per output. Why would they then limit the Art-net performance?

Anyhow, Arena only does Art-net, so you'd need a converter to Kling net if you want to use the driver in Kling net mode.
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Re: ADJ Pixie Strip (Kling-Net)

Post by dreamaticos »

Late reply.

It looks like the driver has 2 outputs. 340/2 = 170, the amount of RGB pixels you can map without rolling over to the next DMX universe. I can only assume they didn't want to deal with a pixel spanning two universes?

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