Spout slows FPS

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Spout slows FPS

Post by thunderingjack »

Hello, I'm using Resolume on a i9 PC with a RTX 3090 GPU.
Whenever spout is enabled my FPS slow to almost half?
Composition is set 1920x1080 @60
3 outputs - 2x 4k60, 1x 1080p60 (GUI), This normally works with little effort.
At a bare minimum, I can open a new blank composition, output disabled, runs at 60FPS.
I switch on Composition Spout output and the FPS drops to high 30-40's?
Any ideas?

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Re: Spout slows FPS

Post by Zoltán »

Could you please send us the Resolume log file via the feedback tab in preferences?
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