PRO DJ LINK dont work with Resolume

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PRO DJ LINK dont work with Resolume

Post by p4nick »

Hey guys!

I'm having trouble connecting PRO DJ LINK and Resolume.
As you can see in the image PRO DJ LINK can see the CDJs but inside Resolume I can't link. I've already disabled the entire firewall, I've enabled the UDP ports and nothing happens.

And another problem I have is when I connect a computer with TC for the light timecode, the computer with Resolume and PRO DJ LINK stops making the connection with the CDJs. Icons turn orange.

Link image:


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Re: PRO DJ LINK dont work with Resolume

Post by Zoltán »

First, check that you have the latest bridge app.
Check the TCNet settings, set Bridge to Server, and to the same interface you have set Resolume to.
Also make sure third party firewalls are also off.
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