one of screens move position randomly

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one of screens move position randomly

Post by Fonziii7 »

Hi,we have problem and dont know solution and why doing this problem.
We have intel i7 7700k Quadro P5000 and NVS 810 in one PC.Using last Arena.
8 LG screens(output from NVS 810) with output 3840x600 each.
We got a problem with one screen,random time making a problem (screen link). In advanced output during this problem,everythink is ok.
We tried change another NVS,nothing
We tried change different LG screen,nothing.
The only help to restart position on screen is POWER OUT and POWER IN screens.
Sometimes happened one time per night,sometimes 3 times per night,sometimes without problem....
please help :(

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Re: one of screens move position randomly

Post by Zoltán »

Looks like an issue with the LG signage settings.
What did LG say about it?
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