Output Mapping

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Output Mapping

Post by jeffheart08 »

Hello...Trying to map a LED runway we built at a club. the Size is 2688 pixels x 384 pixels.

Our Video processor is the NovaStar 4XS-N which I think only goes up to 1920x1080 because it shows up as display 2 (1920x1080) in the software, but I was still able to map the LED runway as shown in the attached picture using the 4 output ports on the processor. When I test the runway via the Processor test button I can light up all the panels. When I try to map it in Resolume though, Any content that falls past the 1920 point does not show up. Is there a trick for solving this. I need text to be able to scroll across the whole runway.


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Re: Output Mapping

Post by vejas »

Have you tried to set a different resolution in your system preferences (like 3840×2160)?

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Re: Output Mapping

Post by Arvol »

move ports 3 and 4 under port 2 and uoi'll be within a 3G comp size.

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