Freeze frame on every beat

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Bastian Kuenstner
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Freeze frame on every beat

Post by Bastian Kuenstner »

hey Guys,

maybe someone of you could help me.
i want to do a patch that spits out a single freezeframe every beat and let it be frozen while it is fading out slow. when the second beat comes in the next frame should add up while the other is still fading out.
does it make sense?

I tried to. mess around the the buffer oder ring buffer but I am not able to get a single frame out of the buffer. when I route it in the video mixer via a reverse note I get multiple frames like a ghost effect.

thanks a lot in advance


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Re: Freeze frame on every beat

Post by MarkyMark »

Some pointers to get you started:
  • Use the Transport Beat node to get a trigger each beat
  • Use a video mixer and patch the output into the input to create a feedback loop. Make sure the feedback is going into the top of the Video mixer (above the original signal).
  • Figure out a way to turn the opacity of the feedback layer on/of. You could try nodes like Attack Release, Toggle or Snapshot.
  • Have fun

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