Introducing Resolume Wire

Wire is a modular node-based patching environment to create effects, mixers and video generators for Resolume Arena & Avenue. Learn more about Wire ➜

Resolume Arena Media Server

Arena has everything Avenue has, plus advanced options for projection mapping and blending projectors. Control it from a lighting desk and sync to the DJ via SMPTE timecode.
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Resolume Avenue VJ Software

Avenue is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists. Avenue puts all your media and effects right at your fingertips, so you can quickly play and improvise your live visuals.
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Resolume VJ Footage


Misfits New! 4K!

Misfits, because sometime it fits too perfectly.


ScifiVisual2 New! 4K!

Can you be above the stars and beneath the earth in the same time?


TrussMe New! 4K!

Ghosteam makes a return with their unmistakable signature style.


VeiledValleys 4K!

These valleys got layers deeper than an onion.