Resolume Wire

Resolume Wire is our node-based patching environment, expanding the functionality of Resolume Arena & Avenue by allowing you to create custom plugins. With Wire’s intuitive and easy-to-learn workflow, you can create your own sources, blend modes, and effects.

The Friendly Patching Environment

With great power comes... a learning curve. We’ve made it our personal mission to make Wire as accessible as possible, making it a great starting point for learning how to code. Wire has a built-in tutorial course and tons of examples, all there to take you from Pre-Patcher to Wire-Wizard in no time. Our built-in suggestion system helps you to find the correct nodes for your patching needs. Every node has its own documentation patch with explanation and examples. With this approach to learning, Wire is flattening the learning curve of patching environments.

Arena & Avenue Integration

Wire is here to make sources, effects and blend modes to use in Arena & Avenue. The integration with Arena & Avenue is seamless, save your patch in Wire and you are ready to go.

Design your interface and presets in Wire and Arena & Avenue will pick it up.

▴ Design in Wire Play in Arena or Avenue

▴ Play the patch in Arena or Avenue

Effects & Compositing

Chain your effects, create complex compositing routings or feed back your feedback. Resolume Wire allows you to design effects and routings that are too complex to create in Arena & Avenue. Embrace the power Wire’s modularity to create the look you want.

2D Shapes

Combine a circle and a chevron and you get ❤. Just like that. Wire includes a powerful shape system that enables you to create 2D content in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. Go from basic circles and rectangles to morphing blobs and psychedelic madness.

Render Text

EAT. SLEEP. RAVE. REPEAT. Render text in any font and color. Animate and modulate your text in real time and get the crowd roaring for the VJ!


From one to many in a single click. Nodes in Wire can be instanced, running multiple copies of itself. Create complex patterns and modulate hundreds of instances with just a few nodes.


Create slices in Arena's Advanced Output and use Wire to scale and position your content. Use Wire to render slices to outlines and animate them to the beat.

And the Beat Goes On

Use Wire to create sources and effects that respond to the beat! Wire hosts a suite of transport tools that allow you to sync up every aspect of your project to the BPM.


Wire supports both MIDI & OSC allowing for expressive and precise control over your patches. Wire can also be used as a host, sending MIDI & OSC data to other applications.

Interactive Shader Format

Hundreds of great VJ effects and generators have been created by the ISF community. Wire allows for the creation and loading of ISF shaders. Use Wire’s ISF editor to expose parameters, which in turn can be used in your patch or in Arena or Avenue. Resolume Wire is a great starting point for learning ISF, as the shader can be used as a node, allowing the rest of the patch to do tasks that would otherwise be difficult to do in a shader.

GPU Shaders

Is node patching too easy for you? Just write your own shaders via the ISF node and take your GPU to a whole new dimension.

Patch Compiling & Juicebar Distribution

Share your masterpieces with the VJ community. Patches can be compiled for easy distribution. Compiled patches can be either editable or not.

Patches that are editable are great for sharing, learning and collaborating. While non-editable patches open up the doors to commercial distribution of your work. Patches for commercial distribution can be sold anywhere on the internet, but we’ve added internal support for distribution via Juicebar.


Wire is included in the Arena & Avenue installers.
Free trial.


Resolume Wire for 1 computer is €399.
Wire licenses are available in the Shop.