simple auto playback

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simple auto playback

Post by jeffhtg2 »

can this be done in avenue

I have 4 layers
each layer is a series of 20 or so short video clips in a specific color to drive some FX panels
I have the clips set up, looped appropriately, and set to random autoplay for each layer. Think simple atmospheric kinda stuff.

How can I trigger a single layer for playback? I tried to bind (key 1= clear layer 1,2,3,4 play layer 1) but then I can't have (key 2 = clear layer 1,2,3,4 play layer 2) because the clear is already bound. I would like selecting a playback layer to override whatever is currently playing.. so you select red you get red.. you select blue you get blue.. etc.

Also I assume I need Arena in order to do triggering via something like Chamsys right? Is OSC an option to trigger? I was thinking about just putting a 4 button X keys down by the console so you can pick the color scheme that way (having the UI on screen really isnt an option).

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Re: simple auto playback

Post by He2neg »

I can think of a way using video router (on top layer) and bypass all the other (actuall content) layers.

and then map 1 button for the different layer routers and its good to go...
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