Editable Showcontrol Timeline

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Editable Showcontrol Timeline

Post by Dalien »

Hey guys,

I saw some posts from 2012 where you announced some research on an editable Showtimeline like in other media servers. I was wondering how your research is going on !? Maybe some kind of Ableton modes would be great where you can choose between the two layouts. So one would be the standard loop / clip pattern and one the ability to work inside a timeline.

Once in a while we are doing some Theater Stuff where it would be great to work inside a timeline <3

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Re: Editable Showcontrol Timeline

Post by Arvol »

Checkout out Vezer

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Re: Editable Showcontrol Timeline

Post by elby »

This kind of feature in Resolume would make it near perfection. I do a lot of theater stuff and it is the only lacking thing that keeping me to install Resolume in all my town's theaters.

Juste saying :D

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